Sunday School

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Looking for a Sunday School class that fits your spiritual needs?  Each church in our parish has a Sunday School class.  Read the descriptions below to find out a little more about each one.  We welcome you to join us any Sunday morning!

  Bonfield Evangelical UMC

Children’s Sunday School – Summer Break

Children’s Sunday school at Evan meets on Sunday mornings.  We presently meet in the church basement, but will soon move to the Sunday school wing of the new addition.  We are very excited about our large group/small group Sunday school program.  Our children participate in crafts, activities, and games that relate to the Bible story of the day.  They sing songs, watch a Bible story video, then split into age groups to reinforce the Bible concepts at their own age level.  We provide Sunday school classes from age three up.  We are very pleased to welcome new children to Sunday school and it is our pleasure to help them grow in the love of Jesus Christ.

Adult Sunday School – Summer Break

Bonfield Evangelical UMC has an adult Bible class that meets on Sunday mornings in the church kitchen for now.  We are studying from the Genesis to Revelation series.  We share prayer concerns, joys and coffee  as well as our understanding of the truth of scripture.  All age adults are welcome.  Christine Meyer is the discussion leader.

Bonfield First UMC

Sunday School – 9:30am

We are studying the Genesis to Revelation Series. We are currently on the Book of Acts.  We have lively discussions on how what we have read relates to today’s world and often conclude that the world has not changed much in 2000 years.  It is our hearts and the things that we do that need changing.  We will soon be starting Romans and we would love to have people come join us. We always enjoy the input and observations of others.  It adds to our learning experience. We have coffee, hot chocolate or tea while we discuss the things we are learning about God and this wonderful book, the Bible, that he has left for us to study and learn his Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth!  

Grand Prairie UMC

Coffee, Cocoa, Juice and donuts/coffee cake are available beginning at 8:00am and Sunday school begins at 8:15am

Adult Sunday School – 8:00am

Our Adult Sunday School Class is open to all ages. It is a time of fellowship where we share our thoughts and opinions on various topics including Bible stories, scriptures, and current events. We invite you to come and join in the conversation!  You can choose just to listen, share your opinions, or even volunteer to teach!

Youth Sunday School – 8:00am

Our Youth Sunday School Class is a time of learning about God’s Word in fun and interactive ways. Our youth class leaders use various ways, such as object lessons and modern-day examples, to help our youth learn and grow spiritually. All ages of youth are welcome to join in on the fun!